• Building Corporate Knowledge Base                                               

    We build this knowledge base through - presentations and intense, interactive discussions with members of the board and/or top management team (such as management committee/executive committee). The expected duration of the program would range from half a day to one day depending on the company's size, strategic issues and number of participants.

  •  Designing Employee Stock Plan

    We have the expertise and knowledge to design models for a wide range of companies (unlisted, listed, public limited, private limited, manufacturing, service, I.T, banking).


Employee Stock Plans are gaining universality and they are now part of progressive management systems. They are among the most potent instruments for attracting and retaining critical skills, fostering employee ownership, 'Performance Management', equity re-structuring and also for effective corporate governance. Growth in stock plans is an irreversible trend in both developed countries and emerging markets. 

The importance of Stock Plans has been well recognised in several market economies. These plans have been  supported by laws and regulations, which give substantial tax incentives to companies and financiers promoting employee stock-holding. The experience in India has been relatively limited but there is an exponential growth in the number of companies adopting stock plans or their variants.The SEBI guidelines and the changes in the taxation and legal provisions are mere indications of the excitement in this area both in policy circles and in the industry.

There has been a discernable knowledge gap in this area in the country. Often companies establish these plans/schemes in a hurry after  quick documentation by the lawyers. With the result, there are schemes, which are legally sound but may have resulted in mismatch with company's strategy and objectives. Worse still, there have been instances of unanticipated surprises for the company requiring damage control.

A more professional way is to look at stock plans as containing three components.

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