YCPL delivers HR services, which have a high integration with strategy, and where required, with I.T.

  • For start-ups, we design the HR systems and policies integrating strategy, structure and culture of the firm.

  • For on-going firms, we may revisit one or more of the HR strategy strands (systems) and re-engineer them keeping the strategic focus.

Human Resources are now, the vital component for achieving competitive advantage, particularly in the high technology service sector. Competitors will find it difficult to imitate unique HR management.  Organisations must, therefore, strive to attract the best, retain them, contribute to their development and continuously encourage them to innovate. Such HR goals can be achieved well through an integrated HR system. These integrated systems should be designed keeping in mind, the corporate strategy, the external environment (competitors, economic  policies,legal conditions, technology changes and social system), the organisation culture (values, ethics ...) and the resources available to the organisation.


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