• Strategy Retreats for members of the top management team.    

    We facilitate retreats for members of the top management team to review, revisit and recraft strategy. Typically these retreats would be of 2 to 3 days duration and will involve lecture sessions, functional presentations, critique sessions and freezing of thrust areas and goals. These strategy retreats would be particularly useful in drawing up, validating or, more importantly, refining and rolling out strategy plans. We also deliver shorter duration modules to improve the strategic thinking capabilities of senior management.

  • Developing a strategy-folder and recommendations for its implementation.

  • We take up assignments for developing corporate strategy and giving a road-map for its implementation in the form of a report. The process would be structured to build consensus among important functionaries and top management to enable quick implementation. We have innovative matrices for validation of missions, environmental assessment, competitor analysis, and developing strategic directions.


"........We are probably suffering from a kind of fascist bureaucracy at one end, and bureaucratised professionalism, at the other. The scale has to be stretched further to include strategic management than be content with the slow-moving, atrophy inducing styles quietly explained away as professional........."

YRK Reddy (1991)
"Business Scenarios for the 90s
Strategic Perspectives",
Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi

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