Competence Mapping

Our approach typically involves the following steps in the case of senior executives and can be used for:


Analyzing gaps in performance;
b Identifying training and development needs;
c Promotion, Career and Succession Planning.

The Mapping Process

  • Understanding the strategic needs of the company, roles & org. designs - (through study of company documents, interviews and analytical work)
  • Deriving the core competencies/desired competencies for the target group; preparing competency dictionary (through interviews & analytical work)
  • Study of role/job descriptions; validation of competence levels required for the position; preparation of Competency Standard, if necessary.

The Measurement Process

  • Design of a feedback system (360/180 degrees) for the individuals.
  • Administration of the feedback system; statistical analysis of data; interpretation
  • Assessment centre approach to determine competence levels (competence measurement using a menu of instruments/case situations/situational responses/in-depth interviews.)


  • Graphs of feedback and comparison with self ratings.
  • Analysis of various ratings - Interviews, Tests, Case analysis etc and arriving at an average by the Panel.
  • Preparing competence profile in a visual format.
  • Comparing existing people vis--vis current role and also for progression.


  • Competence Profiles including conclusions and recommendations.
  • Overall report of the methodology, rationale and suggested future action in goal setting and implementation.

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